Monday, December 29, 2008

Game 5: Tuesday December 23, 2008

Game Summary:

The previous game ended with the party dispatching the clay scout and iron guardians defending Draigdurroch's Tower. The party moved quickly though the ground floor of the tower, recognizing that the previous inhabitant was clearly a disciple of Asmodeus. Everything had been perfectly preserved by the ice, but many of the more fragile materials would crumble at the slightest touch. The magical nature of the ice was apparent, as even the the fire in the fire places appeared to be frozen.

As the party approached the second floor, they were attacked by elemental ice creatures. Some of the creatures hurled long ice spears while other approached carrying an ice maul. The PCs were about to over come the threat that spanned two floors of the tower.

Eventually they discovered that a sort of magical elevator would take them to the third floor of the tower. On the third floor that found the most relevant pieces of Draigdurroch's research locked in warded desk. The rogue and the warlock were able to work together to disable the ward and retrieve the diary. Draigdurroch was researching a warlock pact which he referred to as the "Dark Pact".

The party approached the rooftop and found the source of the impending winter, a crystal that had been modified by the elemental creatures. These modifications were causing the increasing cold in the land. When the party attempted to destroy the crystal it spawnded a large elemental beast known as the Spirit of Winter. Although, the party suffered significant losses, they were able to over come the monster and destroy the crystal. The ice immediately began to fall from the sides of the tower.

Treasure List: Draigdurroch's diary, various books from his collection, crystal statue of Asmodeus, 3 vials of alchemist's frost, Master's Wand of Ice Storm, Ornament of Alertness.

XP: ??

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